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More Smart Tags for the Professional
Put smart tags to work in your business. If you would like more info about the requirements for submitting a smart tag for inclusion on this Web site, click here.
Keylogix International Limited ActiveDocs and Smart Tags - do the thinking for you!
ActiveDocs allows you to create your own Smart Tags. Then, within Microsoft Word, you can use your Smart Tags and the ActiveDocs External Data Source Wizard to connect to external data sources and bring valuable information into your document. Now that's Smart.
Infographics-smart tag BenchMark Gateway
BenchMark Gateway allows Office XP users to access BenchMark functionality directly from within Word, thus providing a 'hyper-speed' route to: import valuable information via contextually aware tags (linked into by the user through an intelligent key word recognition system), in-built business awareness rules and fully customisable intelligent assistance.
CNET: The source for computers and technology CNET: The source for computers and technology
CNET Smart Tag provides direct access to trusted information covering many facets of technology. CNET offers everything from technology news and stock quotes to consumer electronics, auctions, games, free downloads, and help, as well as information that enables businesses to be more efficient and work smarter. CNET educates visitors on technology and tech products, where to buy them online at the best price, and how to use them.
Crystal Decisions-a Seagate Company Crystal Decisions' Smart Tag for Microsoft Office XP
We provide Microsoft Office XP customers with a Smart Tag that allows users to click on data that has been smart tag enabled in Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or Outlook e-mails to instantly view the original CrystalReport from which the data was taken.
Nereosoft, Inc. SMART TAGS. MADE BY YOU.
With DataPortal, anyone can create and publish Smart Tags, a great new feature of Microsoft Office XP. With a few clicks of the mouse, insert a link to any enterprise database and display or use that information in Word documents, Outlook e-mails or browser URLs!
G. A. Sullivan G. A. Sullivan Creates Suite of Office XP Smart Tags for the Insurance Industry
Smart Tags provide Insurance professionals seamless retrieval of policy information from one or more systems and integration of that information into their Office documents. Information is retrieved using XML, specifically the ACORD XMLife standard.
FrontRange Solutions Inc. GoldMine 5.x/GoldMine Sales and Marketing for Office XP Smart Tag Solution
FrontRange Solutions Inc. extends the power of Office XP's Smart Tag capabilities to the GoldMine product family. GoldMine's Smart Tag Solution enables users to both instantaneously push and pull contact information to and from GoldMine when working in Office XP and will significantly improve people's productivity and collaboration.
IN.GR Smart tags With Content from the IN.GR Portal
This smart tag will enable you to link to weather reports for Greece, cinema movies and theater shows, locate museums, restaurants and clubs in Athens and Thessalonica, read the latest news and look at the Greek TV guide. The content belongs to the most popular Greek portal IN.GR.
Naftemporiki Keep in touch with the Athens Stock Exchange, using Naftemporiki's smart tags.
Just type in the stock symbol and gain access to a wealth of information such as : Latest stock price, chart, intraday data, related news, corporate actions, business profile, company reports, latest press releases and much more!
NQL Inc. NQL's Agent Smart Tag
Agent Smart Tag. This Smart Tag can launch an agent program in response to a key word or phrase. Users set up associates between a trigger phrase and an agent program--for example, "product activity report" could be associated with an agent that queries a sales database and opens the results in Excel on the desktop. Includes a 60-day evaluation edition of Network Query Language, a scripting language for creating agents. The Smart Tag itself can run agents written in any programming language.
NQL Inc. NQL's Bookmark Smart Tag
Bookmark Smart Tag. This Smart Tag recognizes words and phrases that are contained in your Internet Explorer bookmarks. Users can select these tags to go directly to their bookmarked web pages. For example, imagine a user who has ' computer books' as one of their bookmarks. If they are typing away in Word and happen to enter ' computer books', the phrase is highlight with a Smart Tag link. If activated, the link opens up a browser and navigates to
NQL Inc. NQL's Weather Smart Tag
Weather Smart Tag. This Smart Tag recognizes zip codes. When selected, the MSNBC weather page is opened in a browser for that zip code.
NQL Inc. NQL's Stock Investment Tracking Smart Tag
Stock Investment Tracking Smart Tag. This Smart Tag recognizes ticker symbols and can launch a desktop stock/business tracking tool called StockVue. StockVue tracks quotes, news, filings, and other information about companies. StockVue is a free product.
OneWorld S.A. Greek Stock Info Smart Tag
Quickly find information on Greek stock and market news, charts, closing prices and company reports.
More Smart Tags
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